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Monday, 19 February 2018
Creative papers

activ_papcrePaper media for corporate communications, advertising and luxury packaging are usually coloured, with smooth or textured finishes and are generally offset printed. They may also be embossed or gold tooled Skin, Conqueror 100% recycled.

The world’s leading manufacturer of creative papers, Arjowiggins is well-known for offering the largest range of applications marketed under famous brands:

  • Business stationery, corporate communications: Conqueror, Opale, Inuit, Centaure
  • Advertising and  promotion: Curious collection, KeayKolour, Rives, Pop’set, Priplak
  • Bookbinding and luxury packaging: Guarro, Curious, Delos
  • Specialty applications
    - Technical drawing, tracing paper: Gateway
    - Paper for printed electronics applications (packaging, RFID tags)
    - Secure payment solutions (cheques, vouchers).

papcre-01With a great choice of colours, finishes, textures and grammages, our papers offer endless possibilities to make all communications stand out, from annual report to invitations, including brochures and packaging. Their printability make the best of the creations and they can also be treated with special techniques, such embossing and hot foil blocking.

fsc-papcrea2the more environmental friendly and the more premium of the market, the creative papers brands (Conqueror, Curious Collection, Rives, Opale, Inuit, Popset and Sensation) are FSC certified. In addition, a large part of ranges is also available in recycled versions.