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Monday, 19 February 2018
Prestigious historical origins

The first paper mills, converted from former grain mills, were founded beside the Rupt-de-Raon stream (Arches)

Birth of the Arches paper mill.

The Vidalon paper mills are thought to go back to this date.

The Rives paper mill produced watermarked papers which rapidly became a reference in terms of quality.

The first Le Marais paper mills were set up in the Seine et Marne region (France)

Foundation of the Buckland mill (United Kingdom).

Caron de Beaumarchais bought paper mills to promote the works of his friend Voltaire, whose publications were banned in France.

French king Louis XVI gave the title of royal manufacture to the Vidalon paper mill by letter patent of 15 April 1784. Monsieur de Canson, Montgolfier's son-in-law, took over the running of the mill and installed the first continuous paper machine built in France.

Le Marais produced "assignats" - promissory notes used during the French Revolution. These notes were the second type of paper money to be used after Law's earlier innovation.

Arches produced two million sheets of paper of exceptional quality, introducing new "Elephant" "grand-monde" and 'grande-Egypte' formats for the famous Descriptions of Egypt commissioned by Napoleon 1st.

The Bessé paper mills were established thanks to the Count of Montesquiou, a French peer and owner of a flour mill. He sold the mill on condition that the future owner would turn it into a paper mill, which would provide employment to people in the region.

Foundation of the L'Aa mill.

Launch of Ingres MBM paper in collaboration with the painter Dominique Ingres.