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Monday, 19 February 2018
Environment - our product range

For several years now, Arjowiggins has been pursuing a responsible and ambitious environmental policy aimed at reducing the impact of its activities and devising practical solutions to help customers adopt new behaviours.

Three strategic initiatives have been introduced:

- Increasing the environmental quality of Arjowiggins' product range by developing innovative recycled products.

- Promoting the use of FSC paper among consumers (publishers and companies), public- and private-sector decision-makers and the general public.

- Reducing the environmental impact of paper production at Arjowiggins' sites.


Our environmentally-friendly product range

Graphic Papers

Arjowiggins Graphic brings together the company’s coated and uncoated recycled papers under one umbrella
The business focus on the development of cutting edge green coated and uncoated recycled papers, which provide consistent high quality and excellent performance for customers. At Greenfield, the company is pioneering a unique process to produce de-inked pulp. This is used to manufacture quality recycled grades with varying levels of de-inked pulp which offer outstanding levels of whiteness only previously experienced with virgin fibres. 
Arjowiggins Graphic has a strategic partnership with WWF in France from 2009 onwards.

The following papers are manufactured by Arjowiggins Graphic:

  • Cyclus is a highly sustainable uncoated and coated paper range. It is the leading European brand of paper produced from 100% recycled fibres, with a manufacturing process at Dalum mill that requires only one tenth of the energy used to produce virgin fibres, making it virtually carbon neutral.

  • Cocoon is a highly sustainable innovative paper launched in 2008. It is offering a complete uncoated and coated high white paper range produced from 100% recycled and FSC fibres at Greenfield.

  • Eural is a complete range of 100% recycled high quality coated papers produced without the use of bleaching or chemical treatments, with a smooth and natural feel.

  • Satimat Green & Maine gloss green is true silk and gloss papers and boards containing 60% de-inked recycled fibres and 40% FSC certified virgin fibres,

  • Reprint FSC Certified is a smooth high white matt coated recycled paper, which contains at least 50% post consumer waste fibres.

  • Maine gloss, Chromomat & Satimat (MCS FSC) are offered in a large coated range in 3 surface finishes with excellent printability and quick drying times.


envir-papcreatCreative Papers

Protecting the environment is a central concern for Arjowiggins. One of its missions is to offer the most innovative, highest-quality but also most environmentally –friendly Creative Papers in the market.

Since June 2008, the whole range – Conqueror, Keaykolour, Opale, Curious Collection, Inuit, Pop’Set, Rives and Sensation – has been FSC-certified.

Recycled versions of some Creative Papers products are also available. The range uses the whitest, cleanest FSC-certified de-inked pulp, produced by the Greenfield plant.

Arjowiggins also intends to reduce the carbon footprint of its papers, and launched carbon-neutral versions of its Conqueror papers in the UK in 2007 and Germany in 2008.