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Monday, 19 February 2018

activites_graphArjowiggins Graphic produces:

  • Innovative eco-friendly papers and solutions including white and natural recycled paper (Cyclus, Eural, Cocoon), mixed coated papers (Satimat Green), certified FSC (MCS). The division also produces FSC-certified 100%-recycled premium pulp at its Greenfield plant.
    Boasting the widest product range on the market, Arjowiggins Graphic is no. 1 in innovative eco-friendly paper solutions.
  • Specialty papers for niche markets: playing cards, labels and packaging ( Maine 1 Face), tissue (Kaleido), transfer paper, posters, POS advertising (standard or flameproof).
  • Specialty papers for the medical and hospital sector: sterile packaging solutions for disposable medical instruments (needles, compresses, etc.). 
    Sterile sealing and wrapping solutions for hospitals (operating theatres, etc.).
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